Welcome to the past…

We live in strange times. But one day there will be a generation of adults who only have childhood memories of it all or were too young to remember it at all. They will need to make sense of it as adults. We need to make sense of it as adults now.

The Time Capsule project is intended to help us do that – and document our lives for prosperity.

On Friday 18th April, we will be documenting a day in the life of Gillingham. Take photos, record what you do… send it to me!

Time machine

As well as the 18th April, until the end of the year, there are three ways you can get involved:

Make your own household time capsule
Add all you have got together to the Gillingham Kent Time Capule
Contribute to this online Time Capsule.
There are resources you can copy and print on this for making your own time capsule and have stuff you can contribute to the Gillingham Kent time Capsule.

You can also order a physical pack of the resources if you don’t have a printer.

You can also send in video interviews of the questions, photographs and blog articles to go on this site.

Contact me about it all via my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/communitypastorgillingham

Or email me: karenturnbull@stmarksgillingham.org

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